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Selected chapters and articles are available online or as pdfs

“Theory as Criticism:  Bersani and Dutoit’s Forms of Being,” Film-Philosophy, Vol. 9, No. 4 (2005) <>.

 “First and Second Order Unification in the Social and Human Sciences,” Graduate Journal of Social Science, Special Issue ‘Unity in Social Science,’ Volume 2, Issue 2, December 2005, pp.151-169 <>.

 “The Irrelevance of Chronological Age” (in English), with Julia Glahn, in Harry Blatterer and Julia Glahn, eds., Times of Our Lives (Oxford:  Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2009). <>.

 “Pragmatic Immortality and the Insignificance of My Own Death,” in Dennis R. Cooley and Lloyd Steffen, eds., Re-Imaging Dying and Death, Probing the Boundaries series:   “Making Sense of Death and Dying,” Volume 83 (Oxford:  Inter-Disciplinary Press, 2009). <>.


“Moral Certainty in Tolstoy,” Philosophy and Literature (2000) (pdf)

“To Hell and Back: Sartre on (and in) Analysis with Freud,” in van den Hoven and Leak, eds., Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration (2005) (pdf)

"Critical Innocence and Straight Reading," New Literary History, Vol. 17. No. 1 (1985) (pdf)