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Condensed curriculum vitae


Beaconsfield Road Elementary School. Southall, Middlesex, UK, 1936-42
Southall Grammar School, 1942-48
Imperial College of Science and Technology (Royal College of Science), 1949-51, and Acton
            Technical College, (later Brunel University), 1951-52; B.Sc. (hons., Physics), University
            of London, 1952
University of London Institute of Education, 1952-53; PGCE, London, 1953
Yale University, 1953-56; M.A., 1954, Ph.D. (Philosophy), 1956

Teaching and administration:

Instructor in natural science, Michigan State University, 1956-57
Assistant Professor of philosophy, University of Kansas, 1957-60
Associate Professor of philosophy, University of Kansas, 1960-62 (department chair1961-62)
Professor of philosophy (visiting), University of Costa Rica, summer 1961
Executive Associate, Carnegie Corporation of New York, 1962-65; consultant, 1965-67
Professor of philosophy, Hunter College (chair 1965-7) and the Graduate School (executive
            officer, 1967-70, 1981-2), City University of New York, 1965-82
Professor of French (visiting) New York University, Spring 1982
Professor of comparative literature (visiting), University of Maryland, spring 1985
since 1982 University Professor of Philosophy and then also Professor of Human
            Sciences, The George Washington University (director, Ph.D. program in Human
            Sciences, 1991-93; retired in 2013 as University Professor of Philosophy Emeritus.

Professional service:

American Association for the Advancement of Science (Fellow; vice-president, section L, 1967)
American Philosophical Association (board member: chair, Committee on International
            Cooperation, 1974-84)
Society for General Systems Research (now International Society for Systems Science) (Board
            of Distinguished Advisors; president, 1966-67)
Washington Philosophy Club (president, 1988-89)
Société Américaine de Philosophie de Langue Française (president 1992-94).

Public service:

Academic Freedom Committee, American Civil Liberties Union, 1966-75
National Research Council, 1967-70
Advisory Board, Learning Corporation of America, 1968-74
board member and treasurer, Coordinating Council of Literary Magazines, 1969-70
co-chairman, Policy Council on Learning, Teaching, and Evaluation, Assembly on University
             Goals and Governance, 1969-70
Fellow, Scientists’ Institute for Public Information, 1972-94
Assembly of Behavioral and Social Sciences, National Research Council, 1973-76
consultant in Humanities, League of Women Voters, 1978-79
Community Advisory Board, Wilmington (DE) News Journal, 1998-2001
board member, Newark (DE) Symphony Orchestra, 2004- (president, 2007-2010).

Honors & Awards:

British Association exhibitioner, 1953
Fulbright travel grant, 1953
Fellowship, American Council of Learned Societies, 1972-3
National Lecturer, Society of the Sigma Xi, 1975-7
President’s Medal, Graduate School, City University of New York, 1978
Humanities Fellowship, the Rockefeller Foundation, 1979-80
Honorary member, Sociedad Mexicana de Filosofía, 1980
Phi Beta Kappa Visiting Scholar, 1983-4
first Philip Morris Distinguished Lecturer in Business and Society, Baruch College, NY, 1986
honorary member, Phi Beta Kappa, Alpha of the District of Columbia, 1992.

Books (author):

The Philosophy of Science, A Systematic Account (Princeton: Van Nostrand, 1965)
Science and the Theory of Value (New York: Random House, 1967)
Sartre (The Arguments of the Philosophers) (London: Routledge and Kegan Paul, 1979,
            paperback edition with additional material 1984)
Structuralism: The Art of the Intelligible (Atlantic Highlands, N.J.: Humanities Press, 1988,
            paperback 1990); 2nd edition [subtitle A Philosophy for the Human Sciences] Buffalo:
            Humanity Books, an imprint of Prometheus Publishers, 1997)
Yorick's World: Science and the Knowing Subject (Berkeley and Los Angeles: University of
            California Press, 1993)
The Capital Connection: Business, Science, and Government (New York: Baruch College, 1993)
Ethics from Experience (Boston: Jones and Bartlett [now Wadsworth], 1996).
Reason and Hope: Knowledge, Belief, and the Future of Humanity (pamphlet) (Washington:
            River Horse Press, 2007)

Books (editor):

Two Centuries of Philosophy in America (Oxford: Blackwell, 1980)
The Causes of Quarrel: Essays on Peace, War, and Thomas Hobbes (Boston: Beacon Press,
(with Stefani Jones) Religious Upbringing and the Costs of Freedom: Personal and
             Philosophical Essays (University Park: Penn State University Press, 2010)

Book (translator):

J. M. Bochenski, The Methods of Contemporary Thought (New York: Harper Torchbooks, 1968)

Selected recent chapters and articles (lifetime total 150+):

"Sartrean Structuralism?" in Howells, ed., The Cambridge Companion to Sartre (1992)
"Where the Argument Led," in Karnos and Shoemaker, eds., Falling in Love with Wisdom:
             American Philosophers Talk About Their Calling (1993)
"Subjectivity, Self-Identity, and Self-Description," in Sadler, ed., Philosophical Perspectives on
            Psychiatric Diagnostic Classification (1994)
"Identity: Cultural, Transcultural, Multicultural," in Goldberg, ed., Multiculturalism: A Critical
             Reader (1994)
"Minimal Consequentialism," Philosophy (1995)
"Sophistry, Rhetoric and the Postmodern Condition," Symploke (1997)
“Moral Certainty in Tolstoy,” Philosophy and Literature (2000)
“The Unconscious is Structured Like a City: Freud, Lacan, and the project of the Human
            Sciences,” Janus Head (2000)
“Natural and Intentional Structures of Sexuality,” Bulletin de la Société Américaine de
             Philosophie de Langue Française (2003)
“Psychoanalysis as the Idiosyncratic Science of the Individual Subject,” Psychoanalytical
             Psychology (2003)
“Ethics and Temporality: When Are Moral Propositions True?” in Heather Dyke, ed., Time and
            Ethics: Essays at the Intersection (Dordrecht: Kluwer Academic Publishers, 2003)
“Arresting Images,” catalogue essay for photography show curated jointly with Dr. Nancy
            Breslin, Luther W. Brady Gallery, the George Washington University (November 2003 -
            January 2004)
“The Distributive Structure of the Social Group,”  Journal of Social Philosophy (2005)
“To Hell and Back: Sartre on (and in) Analysis with Freud,” in van den Hoven and Leak, eds.,
             Sartre Today: A Centenary Celebration (2005)
“First and Second Order Unification in the Social and Human Sciences,” Graduate Journal of
             Social Science (2005)
 “Tractatus 7.1: Translation and Silence,” Philosophy Now (Wittgenstein issue) (2006)
“Terror: from the Armada to al-Qaeda,” in Deborah Staines, ed., Interrogating the War on
            Terror (2007)
“Community and Society on a Transnational Scale: On the Possibility of a Global Ethics,” in
            M. S. Ronald Commers, Wim Vandekerckhove, and An Verlinden, eds., Ethics in an Era
            of Globalization (Aldershot: Ashgate, 2008)
“Ontologies and Evolutions,” The Philosophical Forum (2008)
“The Gift of Understanding: A Lecture Delivered at Brunel University, April 10, 2008"
            (Uxbridge: Brunel University, 2009)