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10+ books, on topics including the philosophy of science, political philosophy, structuralism, ethics and Sartre. Click here for details.

Yorick's World


Over 150 articles and reviews, including three edited journal issues - some links here.

Article on Psychoanalysis

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By clicking here you will find links to unpublished works, some of which were given as papers, and also to some publications that fall outside the field of philosophy (fiction, poetry, opinion pieces etc.) 



“ . . . Caws reads Sartre, critically and intelligently . . . . Written in a mature and generous spirit by a philosopher rooted in the analytic tradition, Sartre shows both the richness of Sartre’s work from any perspective and the special abilities of the analytic approach to explore problems that might otherwise pass unnoticed.  Caws brings a welcome sense of precision to his task . . . .”

--Ronald Aronson, New Statesman


“Professor Caws . . . approaches the works from the perspective of a philosophical interest grounded in the British tradition.  His method is broadly analytical, sifting through Sartre’s assertions, pronouncements, images, metaphors in order to establish the premises from which Sartre may develop his arguments as opposed to simply adopting an argumentative stance.  His aim is to question and clarify, not to deride or dismiss . . . . Professor Caws’s book, while rigourous in its argument, is accessible in its style and generally systematic in taking the reader through the often opaque formulations of Sartre’s philosophy.”

--J. Roach, British Book News